Faculty and Staff Directory


Joel W Snodgrass, Professor and Department Head, Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

Dr. Joel W Snodgrass

Joel Snodgrass
Professor & 
Department Head
Email: joels@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-5573
Office: 100 Cheatham

Professor, Kathleen Alexander

Headshot of Dr. Kathleen Alexander

Kathleen Alexander
Email: kathyalx@vt.edu 
Phone: (540) 231-5059
Office: 2103 ILSB

Paul Angermeier, Professor, Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Headshot of Dr. Paul Angermeier

Paul Angermeier 
Professor &
Assistant Unit Leader for
VA Cooperative Fish &
Wildlife Research Unit
Email: biota@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-4501
Office: 342 Latham

Leandro Castello, Asst Professor, Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

Headshot of Dr. Leandro Castello

Leandro Castello
Associate Professor
Email: leandro@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-5046
Office: 148 Cheatham


Dan Catlin
Associate Professor
Email: dcatlin@vt.edu 
Phone: (540) 231-1692
Office: 134 Cheatham


Michael J. Cherry
Assistant Professor
Email: mjcherry@vt.edu 
Phone: (540) 231-3960
Office: 106E Cheatham


Ashley Dayer
Assistant Professor
Email: dayer@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-8847
Office: 108 Cheatham


Andrew Dolloff
Professor &
Project Leader for
USFS Southern Research Station Coldwater Fisheries Research Unit
Email: adoll@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-4864
Office: 350 Latham

Photo of Dr. Luis Escobar

Luis E. Escobar
Assistant Professor
Email: escobar1@vt.edu 
Phone: (540) 232-8454 
Office: 444 Latham Hall
Lab: 340 Latham Hall

photo of Francesco Ferretti

Francesco Ferretti
Assistant Professor
Email: ferretti@vt.edu
Office:  106E Cheatham 



Mark Ford
Associate Professor & Unit Lead for 
VA Cooperative Fish &
Wildlife Research Unit

Email: wmford@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-5927
Office: 106B Cheatham


James (Jim) Fraser
Email: fraser@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-6064
Office: 106C Cheatham


Emmanuel Frimpong
Professor & Associate Department Head for Graduate Affairs
Email: frimp@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-6880
Office: 156 Cheatham


Carola Haas
Email: cahaas@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-9269
Office: 112 Cheatham

Photo of Michael Kevin Hamed

Michael Kevin Hamed
Collegiate Assistant Professor 
Email: khamed@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-1887
Office:  154 Cheatham


Eric Hallerman
Email: ehallerm@vt.edu 
Phone: (540) 231-3257
Office: 114 Cheatham


William Hopkins
Professor & Director of 
Global Change Center
Email: hopkinsw@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-7292
Office: 442 Latham


Yan Jiao
Email: yjiao@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-5749
Office: 110 Cheatham


Jess Jones
Associate Professor &
Restoration Biologist for
USFWS & Co-Director of 
Email: jess_jones@fws.gov
Phone: (540) 231-2266/8865
Office: 106A Cheatham


Sarah Karpanty
Email: karpanty@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-4586
Office: 150 Cheatham


Marcella Kelly
Email: makelly2@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-1734
Office: 146 Cheatham

photo of Holly Kindsvater

Holly Kindsvater
Assistant Professor Email: hkindsvater
Phone: (540) 231-1169
Office:  114 Cheatham

Donald Linzey, Instructional Faculty

Donald Linzey 
Instructional Faculty 
Email: dlinzey@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-2290
Office: 154 Cheatham Hall


Donald Orth
Thomas Jones Professor
Email: dorth@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-5919
Office: 106D Cheatham

Headshot of Associate Professor Jim Parkhurst

Jim Parkhurst
Associate Professor
Email: jparkhur@vt.edu 
Phone: (540) 231-9283
Office: 350 Latham

Professor Dean Stauffer

Dean Stauffer 
Professor & Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Affairs
Email: dstauffe@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-7349
Office: 152 Cheatham

Research Scientists

Image of Joseph Buckwalter, FWC Research Associate

Joseph Buckwalter
Research Associate
Email: joebuck@vt.edu
Lab: 339 Latham Hall

Postdoc, Nick Caruso

Nicholas Caruso
Postdoctoral Associate
Email: nmcaruso@vt.edu

Research Scientist, Serena Ciparis

Serena Ciparis
Research Scientist
Email: sciparis@vt.edu
Office:  154 Cheatham Hall

Postdoc, Corrine Diggins

Corrine Diggins
Postdoctoral Associate
Email: cordie1@vt.edu


Image of Thomas Galligan,  Postdoctoral Associate

Thomas Galligan
Postdoctoral Associate
Email: thomg09@vt.edu
Lab: Latham 437

Research Scientist, Bill Henley

Bill Henley 
Research Scientist 
Email: whenley@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-7241
Office: Mollusk Center

Research Associate, Kelsi Hunt

Kelsi Hunt
Research Associate
Email: hunt0382@vt.edu
Office: 134 Cheatham Hall

Research Associate, Zachary Hurst

Zachary Hurst
Research Associate
Email:  zmhurst@vt.edu
Office: 111 Cheatham Hall

Research Scientist, Kelly jones

Kelly Jones
Research Associate
Email: kcjones7@vt.edu
Office: Off Campus, FL


Postdoc,  Eunbi Kwon

Eunbi Kwon
Postdoctoral Associate
Email: ebkwon@vt.edu

Research Associate, Ronald Meyers

Ronald Meyers
Research Associate
Email: rbmeyers@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 570-9535
Office: 106 Cheatham 

Research Associate, Chouly Ou

Chouly Ou
Research Associate
Email: chouly.ou@vt.edu


Research Associate, Shannon Ritter

Shannon Ritter
Research Associate
Email:  sjritter@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-4433
Office: 101 Cheatham Hall

Research Associate, Claire Sanderson

Claire Sanderson
Research Associate
Email: clairees@vt.edu
Office:  2103 ILSB 

Research Associate, Faren Wolter

Faren Wolter
Research Associate
Email: fwolter@vt.edu
Office: 111 Cheatham Hall


Tara Craig, Staff

Tara Craig 
IT Specialist/Program Support
Email: tvipperm@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-6944
Office: 101 Cheatham Hall

Picture of Donald Fraser, Watercraft Operations Manager

Donald Fraser 
Watercraft Operations Manager
Email: drfraser@vt.edu
Office: Boatshed 

Photo of Research Tech Jordy Groffen

Jordy Groffen
Research Technician 
Email: jgroffen@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-7292
Office: 437 Latham Hall

Photo of FWC Admin Assistant Lynn Hayes

Lynn Hayes 
Administrative Assistant
Email: lyhayes@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-1975
Office: 101D Cheatham Hall

Photo of Natural Resource Specialist Claire Helmke

Claire Helmke
Natural Resource Specialist
Email: claire90@vt.edu

Photo of  Accounts Manager Beth Jones

Beth Jones
Accounts Manager 
Email: ejones06@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-3983
Office: 106 Cheatham Hall

no photo available, holder image

Jeffery Wingate
Equipment & Service Repair Manager 
Email: wjeff@vt.edu
Office: Center Woods 

Photo of Dana Keith, Assistant to the Department Head

Dana Keith 
Administrative Assistant to the Department Head 
Email: dkeith@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-5573
Office: 100 Cheatham Hall

Picture of Vivian Porter, Natural Resource Specialist

Vivian Porter
Natural Resources Specialist
Email: pvivian3@vt.edu
Office: Off Campus, FL 

Photo of Brandon Rincon, FWC Wildlife Worker

Brandon Rincon
Wildlife Worker
Email: brandon6@vt.edu
Office: Off Campus, FL

Camron Comer, Natural Resource Specialist

Camron Comer 
Natural Resource Specialist 
Email: camron3@vt.edu

Photo of Admin Assistant Terri Waid

Terri Waid 
VA Coop Fish & Wildlife Research Unit Administrative Assistant 
Email: twaid@vt.edu
Phone: (540) 231-4934
Office: 101C Cheatham Hall

photo of Chelsea Weithman

Chelsea Weithman
Research Technician
Email: cweithm@vt.edu