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Field course gives students up-close look at tracking, studying wildlife

Kailyn Kampert, a Virginia Tech student taking the Wildlife Field Techniques course, straps a motion-activated camera to a tree to capture photos of animals.

In the News


Nov 14th-EEB Seminar 
Amphibian [and Maybe Reptile] Demography to Guide Management
John Maerz, U. Georgia

3:30-4:45pm |  Derring Hall 4069

Nov 15th-UG Fish & Wildlife Conservation Community Networking Program
12:00-1:00pm |  Cheatham Student Lounge

Nov 18th- VTAFS Meeting & Speaker  

Dr. Amanda Rosenberger
5:00pm |  317 B/C Cheatham Hall

Nov 21th -EEB Seminar Series
Tenure Seminar
James Smyth, Virginia Tech 

3:30-4:45pm |  Derring Hall 4069

 Recognition Spotlights

2019 AFS Scholarship Winners accepting their awards

Congratulations to Sheila Harris, Alissa Ganser, and Katie McBaine on their wins at the 2019 Joint Meeting of the Virginia, Virginia Tech & West Virginia Chapters of the American Fisheries Society.  

photo of TWS award winners

Congratulations to all our presenters at the 2019 TWS State Conference! Hokies took home 7 of the 8 awards. Way to go, VTTWS! 




photo of Brian Case and Corbin Hilling

Congratulations to graduate students Brian Case and Corbin Hilling, who earned graduate research fellowships from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Virginia Sea Grant, respectively!