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There are many resources available within the Department, CNRE, and University to help you succeed as a student at Virginia Tech. Below you will find key programs that you should actively take advantage of as you navigate through your degree program. 


The Advising Center
College of Natural Resources and Environment
138 Cheatham Hall
310 West Campus Dr.
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061


Who is my Faculty Mentor?

Your Faculty Mentor will be assigned at the beginning of your second semester at Virginia Tech or as soon as possible after changing majors or transferring into Virginia Tech.

When should you meet with your Faculty Mentor?

As soon as your Faculty Mentor is assigned, you should schedule a meeting and get to know each other. You should meet with your Faculty Mentor at least once per semester. If you have specific questions about fish conservation or wildlife conservation opportunities, planning your technical electives, experiential learning, undergraduate research, or preparing for your career after Virginia Tech, you should reach out to your faculty mentor. You can find out your faculty mentor assignment by logging into the Student Success Collaborative and looking for the name of a Fish and Wildlife Conservation faculty member on your list of advisors. In order to schedule a meeting with your faculty mentor, you should contact them via email.

The First Year Experience Courses, NR 1234 and NR 2234, provide students with the opportunity to explore a variety of career pathways from diverse programs while adjusting to and benefiting from campus life. With a focus on encouraging the engagement of the students in the work of the disciplines in the College, these courses help students develop their sense of identity, relate to the College as their home, and encourage their involvement in undergraduate research, internships, study-abroad, and other relevant programs. NR 1234 is designed for students attending college for the first time. NR 2234 is designed for students who transfer to Virginia Tech from another two- or four-year college or university.