Brian Murphy

Professor Emeritus of Fisheries Science
Office: 442 Latham Hall

Diggs Teaching Scholar & CNRE Senior Faculty Fellow for
Teaching & Learning

B.S., University of Detroit (1975)
M.S., Purdue University (1977)
Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute (1981)


My research concentration is in the area of fisheries management (improving management approaches to increase benefits available to users in sport and commercial fisheries). My research approach concentrates on improving methods to assess fisheries population status, and the development of novel methods to increase fisheries production and protect critical species and habitats. Current projects cover the range of habitats from small inland streams and ponds for recreational fishing to open-ocean fish populations that are exploited for commercial purposes. Many projects are conducted in the USA , while others are also underway to improve management in several international areas ( China , Cuba , Mexico , and Nicaragua ). We particularly concentrate on correcting overfishing, and its deleterious effects on both fish populations and human users.



  • Fisheries management
  • Advanced fisheries management
  • Fisheries techniques
  • Introduction to renewable natural resources
  • Global seminar in sustainability
  • Pedagogy for natural resources sciences
  • Study abroad (2000-present: Belize; Dominican Republic; Nicaragua; Panama).
  • Determining causes of recruitment failure in freshwater reservoirs (largemouth bass Microterus salmoides populations)
  • Using bioimpedance analysis to monitor condition of endangered fishes in-vivo (e.g., Roanoke logperch Percina rex )
  • Estimation of fisheries bycatch in the horseshoe crab trawl fishery along the Eastern U.S. coast
  • Modeling impacts of fisheries minimum-size regulations on protogynous marine fish populations
  • Assessing potential impacts of aquatic macrophyte control on a large lake ecosystem ( Lake Chapala , Jalisco , Mexico )
  • Assessing and mitigating severe overfishing on Cao Hai Lake ( Guizhou Province , People's Republic of China )
  • Assessing impacts of introduced tilapia on native fishes in Nicaragua
  • Restoring freshwater sport fisheries for tourism development in Cuba
  • Assessing the influence of the Three Gorges Dam on ecology and management of Yangtze River fisheries
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