We in Fish and Wildlife Conservation are passionate about natural resource conservation and management and about making a difference in how our society values sustainable natural resources. To achieve our vision, we are committed to serve as role models for excellent research, teaching, and engagement. We intend our program to be the best place to attract and nurture outstanding people who will lead in making legacy decisions. We are a self-organized, adaptive unit, and we recognize that our effectiveness is best achieved by sharing our time, talents, wisdom, and enthusiasm to enable others to act and to excel. We will continue to improve the status quo and celebrate our successes in changing the world, one person at a time.

We are recognized widely as a premier program in North America that addresses fisheries and wildlife issues of national and global concern. We generate new knowledge at the cutting-edge of research in the conservation sciences. We are recognized by peers for excellence in research, teaching, and engagement, and our faculty are leaders in their respective disciplines.

Our Mission:

The Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation aims to be a center of academic excellence in conservation management, fisheries and wildlife sciences, and aquaculture by providing quality programs in research, teaching, and engagement that will enhance fisheries and wildlife resource management at state, national, and international levels.