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Brett Jesmer

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of Wyoming, Laramie (2018)
B.S., State University of New York College of Environmental Science & Forestry (2006)
A.A.S, State University of New York (2003)


Behavioral ecology, animal movement, nutritional ecology, demography, conservation and management of mammals

  • Mammalogy
  • Movement Ecology
  • Cultural transmission and evolution of ungulate knowledge
  • COVID-19 Biologging Initiative: Using the Anthropause to understand human-wildlife interactions
  • Using animal tracking to move community ecology and global conservation planning
  • The scale-dependent niche: patterns and processes of environmental niches across spatial grains and levels of biological organization

Peer-Reviewed Publications (*mentee; manuscript number provided for those in review)

  • Stuber, E., *B. Carlson, and B. R. Jesmer. In Review. Spatial dimensions of animal personality: implications for population and community ecology. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biology. RSPB-2020-1436
  • *Esmaeili, S., B. R. Jesmer et al. (38 authors). In Review. Body size and digestive system shape resource selection by ungulates: a global test of the Forage Maturation Hypothesis. Ecology Letters. ELE-00479-2020
  • Jesmer B. R., M. J. Kauffman, S. Kilpatrick, K. L. Monteith, T. Thomas, J. Yost, and J. R. Goheen. In Press. Life history theory provides a framework for detecting resource limitation: a test of the Nutritional Buffer Hypothesis. Ecological Applications. EAP20-0076
  • Jesmer B. R., M. J. Kauffman, M. A. Murphy, and J. R. Goheen. In Press. A test of the Niche Variation Hypothesis in a ruminant herbivore. Journal of Animal Ecology. JAE-2019-00872
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