People of Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Mail may be addressed to any of the recipients below at:

Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation
310 West Campus Drive
Cheatham Hall, RM101, Virginia Tech (MC 0321)
Blacksburg, VA 24061


photograph of Joel Snodgrass

Joel Snodgrass
Department Head
Phone: (540) 231-5573
Office: 100 Cheatham

Research Interests
Aquatic Ecology

photograph of Kathleen Alexander

Kathleen Alexander

Phone: (540) 231-5059
Office: 2103 ILSB

Research Interests
Wildlife disease, ecosystem health
Phone: (540) 231-4501
Office: 342 Latham

Research Interests
Stream fish communities; assessing quality of aquatic resources; conservation of aquatic systems



photograph of Leandro Castello

Leandro Castello
Assistant Professor

Phone: (540) 231-5046
Office: 148 Cheatham

Research Interests
Applied Fish Ecology

 photograph of Dan Catlin

Dan Catlin
Assistant Professor

Phone: (540) 231-1692
Office: 134 Cheatham

Research Interests
Population dynamics, dispersal, conservation biology, model selection and inference

photograph of Michael Cherry

Michael J. Cherry
Assistant Professor

Phone: (540) 231-3960
Office: 106E Cheatham

Research Interests
wildlife-habitat interactions, predator-prey ecology, and ungulate ecology and management

photograph of Ashley Dayer

Ashley Dayer
Assistant Professor
Phone: (540) 231-8847
Office: 108 Cheatham

Research Interests
Human dimensions, private lands conservation, bird conservation, human-wildlife conflict, citizen science, research to action
Phone: (540) 231-4864
Office: 350 Latham

Research Interests
Salmonid ecology, watershed management, historical ecology, habitat restoration

photograph of Luis E. Escobar

Luis E Escobar
Assistant Professor

Phone: (540) 232-8454
Office: 344 Latham Hall
Lab: 340 Latham Hall

Research Interests
Disease ecology, biogeography, One Health, conservation biology.
Phone: (540) 231-5927
Office:106B Cheatham

Research Interests
Wildlife habitat interactions, white-tailed deer management, ecology & management of bats, non-volant small mammals & woodland salamanders, and high-elevation/relict forest management and restoration in the Appalachians.


photograph of James Fraser

James (Jim) Fraser

Phone: (540) 231-6064
Office: 106C Cheatham

Research Interests
Endangered species management, conservation biology

photograph of Emmanuel Frimpong

Emmanuel Frimpong
Associate Professor
Phone: (540) 231-6880
Office: 156 Cheatham

Research Interests
Ecology of fishes in fluvial landscapes; life history-based community and species-habitat modeling; theory and applications of aquatic bioassessment and monitoring; large scale freshwater ecosystem conservation planning and policy

photograph of Carola Haas

Carola Haas
Phone: (540) 231-9269
Office:112 Cheatham

Research Interests
Behavioral and population ecology; birds, reptiles, and amphibians in production agriculture and forestry systems; landscape effects on reproduction and dispersal

photograph of Eric Hallerman

Eric Hallerman

Phone: (540) 231-3257
Office: 114 Cheatham

Research Interests
Genetics of fish and wildlife species; Genetic improvement of aquaculture stocks; Aquaculture biotechnology and related public policy; Genetics education; Management of Horseshoe Crabs.

photo of William Hopkins

William Hopkins
Director of

Global Change Center
Phone: (540) 231-7292
Office: 444 Latham

Research Interests
Environmental toxicology and wildlife physiology.

photograph of Jan Jiao

Yan Jiao
Phone: (540) 231-5749
Office:110 Cheatham

Research Interests
Population dynamics and stock assessment, quantitative ecology, risk assessment, marine fisheries management

photograph of Jess Jones

Jess Jones
Associate Professor,
Restoration Biologist-
USFWS, Co-Director of

Phone: (540) 231-2266/8865
Office: 106A Cheatham

Research Interests
Restoration of endangered mussel populations; conservation management of rivers; ecotoxicology of river ecosystems; mussel propagation and life history; mussel population dynamics and genetics.


photo of Sarah Karpanty

Sarah Karpanty
Associate Professor,
Graduate Program
Phone: (540) 231-4586
Office: 150 Cheatham

Research Interests
Predator-Prey interactions, behavioral ecology

photo of Marcella Kelly

Marcella Kelly
Phone: (540) 231-1734
Office:146 Cheatham

Research Interests
Ecology and population dynamics of mammal species; Tropical ecology and conservation; Predator ecology and conservation

photo of Donald Linzey

Donald Linzey
Instructional Faculty
Phone: (540) 231-2290
Office:154 Cheatham


photograph of Ronald Meyers

Ronald Meyers
Assistant Research Professor

Office: 106 Cheatham
Phone: (540) 570-9535

Research Interests

Human dimensions of natural resources

photograph of Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy
Phone: (540) 231-6959
Office: 442 Latham Hall

Research Interests
Fisheries management, reservoir ecology, international conservation, Natural resource education

photograph of Donald Orth

Donald Orth
Thomas Jones Professor
Phone: (540) 231-5919
Office:106D Cheatham

Research Interests
Fisheries management; stream fish ecology; bioethics; population dynamics; instream flow and habitat assessment

photograph of Jim Parkhurst

Jim Parkhurst
Associate Professor

Phone: (540) 231-9283
Office: 350 Latham

Research Interests
Human-wildlife conflict resolution; wetlands and wetland wildlife ecology; habitat management and manipulation

photograph of Dean Stauffer

Dean Stauffer
Phone: (540) 231-7349
Office:152 Cheatham

Research Interests
Modeling wildlife-habitat relationships; habitat analysis; habitat assessment and evaluation


 photograph of Tara Craig

Tara Craig
Information Technology Specialist/Program Support

Phone: (540) 231-6944
Office: 101B Cheatham Hall

 photograph ofLynn Hayes

Lynn Hayes
Program Support

Phone: (540) 231-1975
Office: 101D Cheatham Hall

 photograph of Beth Jones

Beth Jones
Accounts Manager

Phone: (540) 231-3983
Office: 106 Cheatham Hall

photograph of Andrew Karpa

Andrew Karpa
Equipment and Service Repair Manager

Office: Center Woods

photograph of Dana Keith

Dana Keith
Admin Assistant to the
Department Head

Phone: (540) 231-5573
Office: 100 Cheatham Hall

photograph of Terri Waid

Terri Waid
Virginia Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit Administrative Assistant (DOI/USGS)

Phone: (540) 231-4934
Office: 101C Cheatham Hall


Name Phone Office  Email Address Title
Serena Ciparis 231-7241 Mollusk Center Postdoctoral Associate
Donald Fraser   Boatshed Watercraft Ops Manager
Dan Gibson   Virginia Tech Shorebird Program (134 Cheatham) Research Associate
Steve Goodman   FL Wildlife Worker
Ashley Gramza 231-0961 111 Cheatham Hall National Bird Conservation Social Science Coordinator
John Hallagan   1880 Pratt Drive Wildlife Ecotox/Phy Eco Research Tech
William Henley 231-7241 Mollusk Center Research Associate
Zach Hurst 231-0961 111 Cheatham Hall Research Associate
Kelly Jones    FL Field Coordinator
Eunbi Kwon   Virginia Tech Shorebird Program (134 Cheatham) Postdoctoral Associate
Vivian Porter   FL Wildlife Worker
Brandon Rincon   FL Wildlife Worker
Shannon Ritter 231-4433 101 Cheatham Hall Research Assistant
Claire Sanderson 2103 ILSB Reserach Associate
Sarah Sweeten 149 Cheatham Hall Postdoctoral Associate
Faren Wolter 231-0961 111 Cheatham Hall Postdoctoral Associate