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Study Abroad in Belize

Spring 2008: Rainforest to Reef, Resource Management in Belize: Temples, Timber, Jaguars, and Culture. Tentative Dates: May 28 - June 8. Spring semester 2008: NR 3954; CRN 14452.

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This course examines natural resource management issues in Belize such as wildlife conservation (with particular focus on the jaguar), common forestry practices including non-timber forest product (NTFP) extraction, archeological/cultural preservation especially in relation to ancient Mayan civilization, and conservation and research in a developing nation. Course topics will also include natural and current cultural history of Belize.

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Study Abroad in Botswana

Integrating Development, Sustainable Use and Conservation in Third and Developing World Economies - Summer 2009

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This three week course will be conducted in the wetlands, tribal lands and protected areas of Northern Botswana. Through a combination of class room training and applied field work, students will develop a deeper understanding of the complexities and practicalities of natural resource management in third world and developing countries where poverty reduction priorities dominate the development landscape. In an area where elephants outnumber people and poverty continues to increase, this course will offer students a unique understanding of the processes and problems in integrating the development process into conservation to secure sustainable use of natural resources and improved rural livelihoods.