Research Assistant Professor


Daniel Catlin
Research Assistant Professor

B. A. Hamilton College(2001)
M.S. Oregon State University (2004)
Ph.D. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University(2009)



Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: Population dynamics, dispersal, conservation biology, model selection and inference

Selected Publications:

  • Catlin, D. H., J. D. Fraser, J. H. Felio, and J. B. Cohen.  2011.  Piping plover habitat selection, and nest success on natural, managed, and engineered Missouri River sandbars.  Journal of Wildlife Management, 75: 305 – 310.
  • Catlin, D. H., J. H. Felio, and J. D. Fraser.  2011.  Effect of owl trapping and removal on pre-fledge survival in piping plovers.  Journal of Wildlife Management, 75: 458 – 462.
  • Catlin, D. H., R. Jacobson, M. Sherfy, M. Anteau, J. Felio, J. Fraser, C. Lott, T. Shaffer, and J. Stucker.  2010.  Discussion of “Natural hydrograph of the Missouri River near Sioux City and the least tern and piping plover” by Donald Jorgensen.  Journal of Hydrological Engineering, 15:1076 – 1078.
  • Roche, E. A., J. B. Cohen, D. H. Catlin, D. L. Amirault-Langlais, F. J. Cuthbert, C. L. Gratto-Trevor, J. Felio, and J. D. Fraser.  2010.  Range-wide piping plover survival: correlated patterns and temporal declines.  Journal of Wildlife Management, 74: 1784 – 1791.
  • Morrison J. L., K. E. Pias, J. B. Cohen, D. H. Catlin. 2009.  Environmental correlates of nesting success in Crested Caracara (Caracara cheriway). Auk 126: 755 – 764.
  • Catlin, D. H., and D. K. Rosenberg.  2008.  Breeding Dispersal and Nesting Behavior of Burrowing Owls Following Experimental Nest Predation.  American Midland Naturalist 159: 1 – 7.
  • Cohen, J.B., S.M. Karpanty, D.H. Catlin, J.D. Fraser, and R. A. Fischer.  2008.  Winter ecology of piping plovers at Oregon Inlet, North Carolina.  Waterbirds 31:472-479.
  • LaFever, D. H., K. E. LaFever, D. H. Catlin, and D. K. Rosenberg.  2008.  Diurnal Time Budget of Burrowing Owls in a Resident Population During the Non-breeding Season.  Southwestern Naturalist 53(1): 29 – 33.
  • McGowan, C. P., D. H. Catlan (sic), G. D. Jons, and G. P. Pavelka.  2007.  Piping plovers nesting amongst cottonwood saplings.  Waterbirds, 30(2): 275 – 277.
  • Morrison, J. L., M. McMillian, J. B. Cohen, and D. H. Catlin.  2007.  Environmental correlates of nesting success in red-shouldered hawks.  Condor, 109(3): 648 – 657.
  • Catlin, D. H., and D. K. Rosenberg.  2006.  Nest destruction increases mortality and dispersal of burrowing owls in the Imperial Valley, California.  Southwestern Naturalist, 51(3): 406 – 409.
  • Cohen, J. B., J. D. Fraser, and D. H. Catlin.  2006.  Survival and site fidelity of Piping Plovers on Long Island, New York.  Journal of Field Ornithology, 77(4): 409 – 417.
  • Gervais, J. A., D. H. Catlin, N. D. Chelgren, and D. K. Rosenberg.  2006.  Radio-transmitter mount type affects burrowing owl survival.  Journal of Wildlife Management, 70(3): 872 – 876.
  • Catlin, D. H., D. K. Rosenberg, and K. L. Haley.  2005.  Nesting success, mate fidelity, and breeding dispersal in burrowing owls.  Canadian Journal of Zoology, 83(12): 1574 – 1580.
  • Gervais, J. A. & D. H. Catlin.  2004.  Temporal Patterns of DDE in Burrowing Owl Eggs from the Imperial Valley, California.  Southwestern Naturalist 49: 509 – 511.

Professional Affiliations:

  • The Wildlife Society (2003- )
  • Cooper Ornithological Society (2004- )
  • Sigma Xi, Associate Member, Hamilton College Chapter (2002- )
  • Gamma Sigma Delta, Oregon State University Chapter (lifetime)
  • Wilson Ornithological Society (2007- )
  • Society of Field Ornithologists (2007- )
  • American Ornithologists Union (2007- )
  • The Waterbird Society (2007- )


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