Research Assistant Professor


Daniel Catlin
Research Assistant Professor

B. A. Hamilton College(2001)
M.S. Oregon State University (2004)
Ph.D. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University(2009)

Virginia Tech Shorebird Program


Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests: Population dynamics, dispersal, conservation biology, model selection and inference

Selected Publications:

  • Catlin, D. H., J. D. Fraser, J. H. Felio, and J. B. Cohen.  2011.  Piping plover habitat selection, and nest success on natural, managed, and engineered Missouri River sandbars.  Journal of Wildlife Management, 75: 305 – 310.
  • Catlin, D. H., J. H. Felio, and J. D. Fraser.  2011.  Effect of owl trapping and removal on pre-fledge survival in piping plovers.  Journal of Wildlife Management, 75: 458 – 462.
  • Catlin, D. H., R. Jacobson, M. Sherfy, M. Anteau, J. Felio, J. Fraser, C. Lott, T. Shaffer, and J. Stucker.  2010.  Discussion of “Natural hydrograph of the Missouri River near Sioux City and the least tern and piping plover” by Donald Jorgensen.  Journal of Hydrological Engineering, 15:1076 – 1078.
  • Roche, E. A., J. B. Cohen, D. H. Catlin, D. L. Amirault-Langlais, F. J. Cuthbert, C. L. Gratto-Trevor, J. Felio, and J. D. Fraser.  2010.  Range-wide piping plover survival: correlated patterns and temporal declines.  Journal of Wildlife Management, 74: 1784 – 1791.
  • Morrison J. L., K. E. Pias, J. B. Cohen, D. H. Catlin. 2009.  Environmental correlates of nesting success in Crested Caracara (Caracara cheriway). Auk 126: 755 – 764.
  • Catlin, D. H., and D. K. Rosenberg.  2008.  Breeding Dispersal and Nesting Behavior of Burrowing Owls Following Experimental Nest Predation.  American Midland Naturalist 159: 1 – 7.
  • Cohen, J.B., S.M. Karpanty, D.H. Catlin, J.D. Fraser, and R. A. Fischer.  2008.  Winter ecology of piping plovers at Oregon Inlet, North Carolina.  Waterbirds 31:472-479.
  • LaFever, D. H., K. E. LaFever, D. H. Catlin, and D. K. Rosenberg.  2008.  Diurnal Time Budget of Burrowing Owls in a Resident Population During the Non-breeding Season.  Southwestern Naturalist 53(1): 29 – 33.
  • McGowan, C. P., D. H. Catlan (sic), G. D. Jons, and G. P. Pavelka.  2007.  Piping plovers nesting amongst cottonwood saplings.  Waterbirds, 30(2): 275 – 277.
  • Morrison, J. L., M. McMillian, J. B. Cohen, and D. H. Catlin.  2007.  Environmental correlates of nesting success in red-shouldered hawks.  Condor, 109(3): 648 – 657.
  • Catlin, D. H., and D. K. Rosenberg.  2006.  Nest destruction increases mortality and dispersal of burrowing owls in the Imperial Valley, California.  Southwestern Naturalist, 51(3): 406 – 409.
  • Cohen, J. B., J. D. Fraser, and D. H. Catlin.  2006.  Survival and site fidelity of Piping Plovers on Long Island, New York.  Journal of Field Ornithology, 77(4): 409 – 417.
  • Gervais, J. A., D. H. Catlin, N. D. Chelgren, and D. K. Rosenberg.  2006.  Radio-transmitter mount type affects burrowing owl survival.  Journal of Wildlife Management, 70(3): 872 – 876.
  • Catlin, D. H., D. K. Rosenberg, and K. L. Haley.  2005.  Nesting success, mate fidelity, and breeding dispersal in burrowing owls.  Canadian Journal of Zoology, 83(12): 1574 – 1580.
  • Gervais, J. A. & D. H. Catlin.  2004.  Temporal Patterns of DDE in Burrowing Owl Eggs from the Imperial Valley, California.  Southwestern Naturalist 49: 509 – 511.

Professional Affiliations:

  • The Wildlife Society (2003- )
  • Cooper Ornithological Society (2004- )
  • Sigma Xi, Associate Member, Hamilton College Chapter (2002- )
  • Gamma Sigma Delta, Oregon State University Chapter (lifetime)
  • Wilson Ornithological Society (2007- )
  • Society of Field Ornithologists (2007- )
  • American Ornithologists Union (2007- )
  • The Waterbird Society (2007- )




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